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Time you take off of work

Event type

The basis on which you take time off of work. Bases and as such event types are determined by your JIRA or Team calendar administrators. Event types might be divided into subtypes.

Event subtype

Further specification/clarification of the bases on which you take your time offs. A limit might be set for each event subtype. The option to set event subtypes is there for administrative purposes only.


The maximum number of days you can take off of work. Event types may or may not have limits associated with them. A limit for a certain Event type is the sum of all limits for all the Event subtypes specified under that Event type. A default limit might be applied to Event types but you may also have individual limits applied. You can view your limits - and if Event subtypes are specified your limit breakdown - in the Annual Calendar view.

Default limit

A default value for the limit for a certain Event type. It is set by your JIRA or Team Calendar administrator by specifying at least one Event subtype and setting a limit for it.

Individual limit

A JIRA or Team Calendar administrator might set or override your default limit with an individual limit that is tailored to your situation.

Team calendar users

Users who are members of at least one team


If you are not using the Tempo plugin in conjunction with Team Trax, then a team is equal to a JIRA group or the union of more JIRA groups.

(NOTE: Even though a team can consist of the same users as a JIRA group, its name might not necessarily be the same, because how a team’s name appears in the Team Calendar is determined by the administrators).

If you are using Tempo plugin as well, then your Teams are the Tempo Teams which you are a Member of.

(NOTE: Being a Team lead of or only having browser rights for a certain Tempo Team will not grant you access to the Calendar views for that team)

Team calendar administrators

A type of user, who has the right to manage Events, create Event types and (if you are using Tempo plugin) choose the Holiday scheme to be used.

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